Welcome back to Send A Little Love. This October we are running Send A Little Love in support of all cancer survivors, patients, caregivers and family members and recognizing their need for a little extra love.

How did we come up with this idea?

One quiet cold blustery day in December (it was Colorado after all) Sarah had a great idea. Like all great ideas it would have stayed in the mind of the creator were it not for the instant support of Gemma, Xio, and Kristi.  Tracey joined the merry band and then there were five.


And voilà!

Send a Little Love was born.



How It Works

Browse our wide selection of titles. You can do so by heat level or genre, or just flip through them all.


Send A Little Love is an honor system and we rely on you to bear that in mind. Please remember there are a limited number of books and we would like to touch as many lives as possible.

Check the format (paperback or eBook), press the handy little button, fill in the requested information and you’re done! (Please note, paperbacks are US Only)


We’ll see your book gets to your recipient.

If you’d like to thank one of our generous authors, remember a review is always appreciated, and bear them in mind next time you go book shopping.


Send A Little Love is an entirely altruistic initiative. Authors donate their titles in the spirit of benevolence in order to pay forward kindness and love.

We ask that you bear that in mind whilst sending books. The number of books is limited and we would like to touch as many lives as possible.

This is an honor system, but if we see a clear abuse we will be forced to take action to protect our authors and people who would genuinely benefit from Send A Little Love. Abuse of the system will result in your orders being deleted without notice.